About This Blog

When most people think of Orlando, they think of theme parks and convention centers.

For me, it's home.
It's a home that struggles with a sense of identity and community not unusual for a young city with inhabitants who often identify more strongly with where they are from than with where they are now.

This blog is a lens to capture the idiosyncratic beauty of the places and people making up Central Florida's past, present, and future. While called "Orlando Street Photography," I make no promises to confine myself to that theme. You may see Florida posts and photos that are not properly "street photography," and you may see photography related posts that have nothing to do with Orlando. Unless otherwise noted, all images were taken by Daniel Mealo, who retains the copyright for those images and the rest of this blog. Images can be used for non-commercial uses under the Creative Commons license. Please attribute your source and provide a cross-link back to the original.

If you enjoy honest and candid photography in general and are open to see Orlando through the eyes of a native, welcome to the audience of this blog.