Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moby on the photo less taken

You probably have heard of Moby as a musician.

This weekend, the same Moby will be one of the featured photographers at the Snap! Orlando Photography Festival, showcasing his Destroyed collection.

beautiful quote from the interview:
"My interest was always in taking pictures of things that seemed strange or odd. From an early age I sort of understood, the last 170 years of photography, the beautiful stuff has been photographed a lot and I sort of felt like… there are so many incredibly talented photographers taking pictures of mountains and sunsets and puppies and beautiful people and… I was like, they know what they're doing. I'm going to go take pictures of strange things that no one else is going to take pictures of… What can I take a picture of that other people might not have access to, or what can I take a picture of that's ignored?"

He also talks about how he came to love photography as a child, the joys of developing film, and how leaning to shoot on film versus learning to shoot first on digital affects shot selection habits.


  1. Also excellent, part two of the video interviews on YouTube, where Moby talks about how he lost thousands of photos.