Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jericho March

Jericho March

December 30, 2011. Jericho March. Winter Park, Florida

A little boy runs laps on top of a park planter retaining wall.

Children are precious creatures. Parents can be peculiar ones. My wife (pictured) and I were reading on this park bench. After about half an hour, a father with a young boy and young girl decided that the wall right behind us was the perfect place for his children to run, as opposed to the acres of open park that were right in front of us.

After two laps, I looked up from my book at the father. After four laps, the boy almost tripped and fell on us. After seven laps, I framed a shot of my wife and made it obvious that I was taking pictures as his kids went by. The running stopped.

When all else fails, making it obvious that misbehaving children are in the background of your shot can be very effective in silently reminding their parents that their job is to be parents...

Leica X1. 24.0 mm. 1/500. f/8.0. ISO 200. LR 2.

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