Monday, January 9, 2012

Is that a fanny pack

Is that a Fanny Pack?

December 26, 2011.
Man: "Is that a dog that you're bringing on the boat to Fort Matanzas?"
Dog: "Is that a fanny pack?..."

There are "No Pets Allowed" signs all over Fort Matanzas National Monument on the way to the ferry boat. One creative family decided to dig in their heals to get their poodle aboard by putting the lapdog in a "Service Dog" leash harness and claiming that the dog was a medical necessity.

As a vacationing chiropractor in an Aloha shirt stared at the dog, wondering if it would work, I couldn't help but think that the dog was staring at him, wondering, "Is that really a fanny pack?"

Leica X1. 24.0 mm. 1/500. f/8.0. ISO 100. LR 2.

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